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    Luxury and Security at your doorstep
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Door with pivoting axis of modern and innovative design, developed to meet the most daring architectural project. Safety, beauty, innovation and technique come together in one word, LUXDOOR. This door is ideal for large openings, perfectly complementing your home's facade.


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Pivoting Point

It has a 3D adjustable vertical pivot system. The entire mechanism is hidden under the floor.


The door consists of an electro-galvanized steel structure, with a sheet on the outside, reinforced with 5 vertical omegas, thus forming a solid structure.


The frame and the leaf edges are made out of brushed stainless steel.


To ensure a high level of security, the door is strengthened with 13 locking points, 4 of which are located on the pivot side and the remaining 9 on the lock side.


LUXDOOR is equipped with either Euro or Matrix or Hi-tech lock.

Weather Resistance

It has automatic drop down cills installed, both on the bottom and on the top of the door leaf, blocking the entrance of dust, light, water and air daughts.