• capa porta de alta segurança balística
    High security door
porta alta segurança balística 1
porta alta segurança balística 2



The high-security door, MAGNUM and NATO Ballistic models PORTRISA, contain a bulletproof panel inside composed of a military grade aramid fiber (Kevlar).

This one panel, which together with the reinforced structure, form a perfect ballistic armor for situations where there is a threat attack using firearms such as: bank branches, exchange offices, pawnshops, buying and selling gold, refuge / panic rooms, etc.
The door has a casual appearance in order to surprise potential attackers.


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MAGNUM Ballistic Door

Tested and certified EN1522 levels FB4 (NIJ III-A) and FSG. This level includes the main pistols and also the shotgun:

9 mm Glock 19
357 Desert Eagle
44 Smith & Wesson
12 gauge Beretta

NATO Ballistic Door

Tested and certified EN1522 level FB6 (NIJ III). This level encompasses the caliber of weapons war, 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm for shotgun assault:

AK47 Kalashnikov