• capa porta duplo sentido de evacuação
    Two Way Evacuation Door
porta duplo sentido de evacuação 1



The Portrisa DSE Fire Door achieves a rare combination since the solution found on the market is wood. They can be manufactured with windows in stainless steel frames.

Designed for the HORECA and sanitary sector. Fireproof certification: EI2-45


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Differentiating features of DSE:

• Reversible door with 90º - 0º - -90º opening.

• Model available in 1 or 2 sheets (double).

• Top and bottom zip (available for each of the leaves).

• Possible to supply in stainless steel or galvanized sheet (1.2mm).

• Inner insulation with double layer of rock wool (55mm+21mm)

• Door axle without external hinges. The door has its own axis (per pivot) in stainless steel supported by a stainless steel ball.

• In the same development, the height adjustment of the door was also considered when installing it (a feature that is imported from our other models).

• No sub-frame.