• capa porta técnica office
    Technical door for office
porta técnica office 2



Our OFFICE doors are doors developed for offices, hospitals, schools, clinics, laboratories, nursing homes, among others. The door is supplied with a 1.5mm thick metal or aluminum frame. The door is covered with wood, melamine, HPL, thermo laminated panels. With polystyrene insulation material and finishing with an aluminum profile that gives an aesthetic capable of adapting to any environment.

Lacquered aluminum edge in any standard color or in polished stainless steel. Frame lacquered in white, brown, gray PVC, PVC oak or PVC beech. It is a closer frame that goes up to 150mm thick. The hinges are made of stainless steel and the door is supplied with a Pigio, Forma or traditional stainless steel lock system. Cylinder 40x40.


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