Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The privacy policy below describes our practices regarding the types of personal information collected through the use of the website at This privacy policy explains how the Portrisa website uses the personal information collected through this Service, how it is used, with whom it is shared, how it is managed, archived and protected.

a) Functions of the organizations involved

Data management for this Site is shared by the following organisations:
- Data Controller and responsible for enforcing the Privacy Policy: Portrisa;
- Data Processor, in charge of managing data for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy: Portrisa;
- Responsible for Archiving and Data Preservation: Portrisa.

b) Purposes of Data Collection

Personal data is collected and managed under this policy for the following purposes:
● Guarantee the unique authentication of users, necessary to benefit from the Democratic Innovations managed by this Service;
● Investigate, monitor and enable independent monitoring of the delivery and results of Democratic Innovations managed through this platform;
● Study and research how users and visitors use the Service;
● Communicate any updates to the Service and its policies with users;
● Provide periodic information about the content of the Site, in accordance with the notification preferences configured by each user;
● Comply with the laws of the European Union and Portugal.

Under no circumstances may the Data Controller:

● sell or rent any personal data collected on this Site for any reason whatsoever;
● use any personal data collected on this Site for marketing or any commercial purposes;

c) Data collected

Personal data:

To register new users, the personal data collected on this Site are as follows.

⦁ Name
⦁ E-mail adress
⦁ Age
⦁ Address
⦁ Gender
⦁ Tax Identification Number
⦁ Phone number


Portrisa may propose, to the users of this Service, the answer to questionnaires and the preparation of studies regarding:

- users' experience with the Service.
- other topics related to Democratic Innovations managed through the Service. Conducting these studies and responding to these questionnaires are voluntary, and users are free to do or respond to them.
The data collected through surveys and questionnaires will be managed as additional personal data, adopting the same security and privacy measures described in this policy.

Non-personally identifiable information

The Service also collects non-personally identifiable information similar to what search engines and Internet servers usually provide, such as the type of search engine, language preference, referring site or date and hour of each visitor request.

Potentially identifiable personal information

The Service collects potentially identifiable information, such as IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. However, Portrisa does not use this information to identify its visitors and does not disclose this information, adopting the same security and privacy measures described in this policy for personal data.

User-created content and personally identifiable information

The Service may host discussions, comments, proposals and other content created by users while using the platform.
This User-Generated Content may identify you personally to third parties and, in some cases, to the general public. Users must not provide personally identifiable information through content posted on this Site.
Each user can configure the privacy of the published content and its visibility on the Internet, as well as use a pseudonym and an anonymous e-mail address.

d) Data Security and Integrity

Portrisa takes all necessary measures to protect users' personal data and content against loss and misuse, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

e) Preservation of personal data

Personal data processed for any purpose will not be kept longer than necessary for that purpose and, in any case, not more than one year after the user's last access to the Service.

f) Procedures for accessing personal data

Each user has the right to access all of their personal data and information collected through this Service and to know how that information is processed. If you want to know what information and personal data are collected, you must write to the Provider ( responsible for this Service.

g) Exit procedures

Each user has the right to withdraw from the Service and obtain removal of all personal data and information collected through this Service. If you wish to do so, you must write to the Provider ( responsible for this Service.

h) Entity responsible for the approval / review of the policy

This policy was developed by Portrisa as the coordinator of the site. The coordinating entity may change this policy in the future, within the scope of the ethical principles referred to in our Terms of Service. Any amended policy will take effect upon publication on this Site, and the coordinating entity will make every effort to communicate such changes, either by email or through the site.

i) Date of operation of the Version and the Policy

The current version of the privacy policy is 1.0. It is valid from 01/06/2022 until a new version of the policy becomes available.

j) Enquadramento legal da política

The regulatory framework for the protection and management of data complies with the following rules and regulations of the European Union and the laws of Portugal, where the Service is effectively established:


⦁ Regulation of the European Commission (EU) No. 611/2013 of 24 June 2013 On the measures applicable to the notification of personal data breach under the terms of Directive 2002/58/EC of the European Parliament and of the Privacy and Electronic Communications Council.


⦁ Article 35 of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic – use of information technology
⦁ Law 67/98 – Personal Data Protection Law
⦁ Law 41/2004 - Regulates the protection of personal data in the Electronic Communications sector (amended and republished)
⦁ Law 32/2008 - transposes the Data Retention Directive on the retention of electronic communications data”

National Regulator: National Data Protection Commission - CNPD (

⦁ Law nº 43/2004 of 18 August - regulates the organization and functioning of the CNPD, as well as the personal statute of its members.

k) Contact

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Portugal Participa's privacy policy. Portugal Participa firmly believes that it is increasingly important for our users to know exactly how their personal data is processed. If you have any questions or questions not answered by this policy, you can contact the data controller responsible for this service at the following address:

PORTRISA - Indústria de Portas S.A.
Rua da Majoeira, 400 Ponte da Pedra
2415-184 Leiria