• Premium


With our Premium doors, it's exterior side shows no differences from similar models.
But in the interior side, it has a much "cleaner" and simple design than any other. The hinges are concealed. This characteristic was subject to a lot of development and study, where it was obtained a different geometry to insure the hinge is hidden (including the installation method) without comprimising the door's security that our customers are already familiar with. It has an adjustable height. In the same development, it was equally important the door's height regulation during it's installation (characteristic inspired from our other models).




With all the development and study around the hinges we believe we achieved exactly what we aimed for and with the concealed hinges we can achieve the spectacular aesthetic look we wanted. This door is definitely, a PREMIUM door.

The hinges

With the hinges, we have anti break in bolts. Given it's proximity to the sub-frame (given that the hinges operate withing the sub-frame), it was necessary to redesign our anti break in bolts in such way that they could function properly without affecting the door's aesthetics or security.

Sub Frame
Door structure with panel cut